Marshall Helps

"Helping, Church-related Resources for Marshall-Harrison County"

Bridge of Compassion


Services: Utilities, Homeless, Prescriptions, Food, Help finding jobs, Resourcing 

Contact Info:  903-923-9927

Director: Conley Keasler

Location:  1500 W. Grand Ave., Marshall, TX   75670

Hours: 9-5 Monday through Thursday, 9 - Noon on Fridays 

Partners: United Churches Care distribution point

Board:   Nina Webster

Rusty Asaff

        Frank Strauss

        Bill Mauthe 

Ashley Caudle 

         Jerry Miller 

Volunteers Needed:  To answer the phone, file, enter data and welcome people.

Donations:  (501C3) Are always appreciated and help us help more people.     

Purpose: Striving to enhance community unification by connecting needs to solutions.  The desire is for a one-stop shop through help or referral.

Articles: Marshall News Messenger, April 21, 2012 

Website: TBA